Jake Clarks mule days and Plains Indian Powwow

Activities are heating up here in the Bighorn Basin with Jake Clark's Mule days in Ralston.  There is a lot of fun action at Jakes arena including a rodeo on Saturday featuring mules, What else?  Come watch how western the long ears can be and watch the cowboys show you what athletic animals mules can be in roping and other bucking!  There are also vendors, a mule sale on Saturday to help you lighten that pocket full of money. 

Not a rodeo fan????

How about....

  How about some plains indian fancy dancing at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.  Come watch American Indians compete for various traditional awards such as the best fancy dancer!  This will really give you an insight into the traditional dress and dances of the various tribes of the Plains Indian Tribes.  They are very colorful and very athletic in their dancing.  Even the children get involved in this yearly event.  There are also various vendors on scene to feed your native american arts and crafts bug!

Cody is the place to be this summer!  Come on out and enjoy Horses, Cowboys, Indians, Mountains and Yellowstone.  We look forward to meeting new friends and catching up with old friends!

Welcome to Cody in Spring!

A beautiful evening in Cody, Wyoming as seen from Cedar Mountain.  Heart Mountain is welcoming visitors to the Big Horn Basin in all of her majestic beauty.  Deer and elk are hanging out in the fields on the way to Yellowstone.  Bears and a wolf have been observed in Wapiti so it's wise to keep your eyes peeled on your way to Yellowstone.  The Buffalo Bill dam is in full roar as tons of water is released in anticipation of the heavy snow melt from this winter.  This week visitors can learn to fly fish from a master fly fisherman and also learn to tie signature flies at the Cody Recreation Center.  Saturday is the Cody Country Horse Sale in front of the Irma Hotel in downtown Cody.  You'll never experience cowboy culture like this!  This week kicks off our summer season in Cody.  Come visit us and see all the events that keep visitors coming back year after year.  We also want to welcome our friends, family and guests to the Wapiti Mountain Cabins!  We have added accommodations with spectacular views!  Ask us about discount tickets for dinner and a show at Cody Cattle Company.  Ryan Martin and Jonny Sanchez are hilarious and will keep you in stitches.  Come and visit us in the most spectacular and diverse place on earth!  We look forward to seeing you in 2017!

East Gate to Yellowstone

Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush

The East Gate to Yellowstone is Scheduled to open May 5, 2017.  Other roads are either open or will open shortly after that date!  This is a great time to see the great Grizzly Bears as they emerge from their dens and begin foraging for food.  They begin locating winter kill bison, deer, elk and other animals that did not make it through the winter.  Remember that bears are wild and require a lot of distance.  They can cover ground is a very short amount of time and mama bears are very protective of their cubs.  Keep a very large distance from bears!  It's going to be a great year in the Big Horn Basin.  We received a lot of snow this year and the flowers are expected to be spectacular!  Cody just got 2 inches of very wet snow two days ago.  It will make all the fauna and flora pop!  Wapiti Mountain Cabins are ready to start receiving guests and I look forward to meeting the many guests who pass through this most amazing area!  Give yourself a few days with us.  There is so much to do and see in Cody, Yellowstone and the Big Horn Basin from sightseeing, White Water Rafting, Horseback riding, Wild Horse viewing, Helicopter rides, the Cody Night Rodeo, Shoot a Live Gatling Gun, see the Cody Gunfighters in front of the Irma Hotel nightly, take a historical trolley ride, Two different dinner and show attractions, Visit Old Trail Town (Resting place of Jeremiah Johnson) and don't forget the World Famous Buffalo Bill Center of the West (you get a two day ticket and it take both days to see all of the amazing history, gun gallery, plains indian museum and more).  There is a lot to do and see here and you will want to come back year after year.  Give me a shout if you are heading this way and let me help you have an awesome vacation!!!

Spring is coming to Wyoming

It's been awhile, but I am back online.  The last year has been turbulent but I am back on my feet and looking forward to this years' new arrivals and new friends!!!    I lost one property last year but gained another on the Northfork this year!  If you are thinking about heading to Yellowstone and want to stay with us, you need to book fast.  Both houses are filling up fast for the summer.  I hope to see you all this year!  The valley is full of deer and elk right now!  Please be careful when driving toward Yellowstone right now!  We are beginning to thaw out and the grass is turning green.  Yellowstone is still closed but the Northfork is beautiful and full of Sheep, Deer, Elk and the bears are beginning to emerge.


Red Fox in Yellowstone by Jack Bell Photography

"The Hunter"
Red foxes feed primarily on small rodents, and unlike most mammals, they can hear low-frequency sounds extremely well. When a fox is hunting, it listens intently and can pick up on tiny sounds — including the sound of a vole scampering beneath 3 feet of snow. Even when its prey is out of sight, the fox can pinpoint the animal's exact location. It then leaps into the air and strikes from above, a technique known as mousing.

~ Photo Details: Yellowstone National Park (February, 2016)
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Unbranded is coming to the Big Horn Cinemas on March 24, 2016. Cody's own Val Geissler was a huge part of the success of this movie about 4 guys who break, train and ride 16 mustangs from Mexico to Canada. See how the mustangs outperform our American Quarterhorses on this 2000 mile ride up the Continental Divide. Val will be available to give a talk and answer questions. We all know him in Cody as our Cowboy Poet, Horse trainer and all around funny guy who will talk your ear off with his many cowboy stories.