Jake Clarks mule days and Plains Indian Powwow

Activities are heating up here in the Bighorn Basin with Jake Clark's Mule days in Ralston.  There is a lot of fun action at Jakes arena including a rodeo on Saturday featuring mules, What else?  Come watch how western the long ears can be and watch the cowboys show you what athletic animals mules can be in roping and other bucking!  There are also vendors, a mule sale on Saturday to help you lighten that pocket full of money. 

Not a rodeo fan????

How about....

  How about some plains indian fancy dancing at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.  Come watch American Indians compete for various traditional awards such as the best fancy dancer!  This will really give you an insight into the traditional dress and dances of the various tribes of the Plains Indian Tribes.  They are very colorful and very athletic in their dancing.  Even the children get involved in this yearly event.  There are also various vendors on scene to feed your native american arts and crafts bug!

Cody is the place to be this summer!  Come on out and enjoy Horses, Cowboys, Indians, Mountains and Yellowstone.  We look forward to meeting new friends and catching up with old friends!