Mothers Day Weekend In Cody, WY

Horse sale Cody.jpg

Buffalo Bill Dam and Visitor Center opened today! Come and explore the roar of the release of water from the reservoir in preparation for the massive 187% snowpack that is expected to fill the Buffalo Bill Reservoir in the next few weeks. Cody is waking up from winter and summer activities are starting to fire up. Mother's day weekend marks the beginning of Spring with the Cody Country Horse Sale. Friday night is the preview and Saturday is the sale of horses in front of Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel located in downtown Cody. It is a lot of fun to see some amazing horses and a lot of people going into bidding wars over the horses. Come and join the fun as Cody begins to come alive for the summer and the Park opens it's doors. Copperleaf hosted approximately 400 head of elk across the highway from Wapiti Mountain Cabins yesterday. The herd is massive! They will begin to thin out in the next few weeks as the cows start calving and moving from the lowlands to the neighboring mountains. Big Horn sheep are still milling around on the highway a couple of miles east from the cabins and a moose and her calf were spotted on Green Creek just up the hill from the cabins. It's time to get active and get some fresh air!