Warmer Temperatures and Hotter Tempers

charging buffalo.jpg

I just want to remind my guests that the temperatures are warming up in Cody Country and so are the tempers!  On May 1, a Yellowstone Visitor was tossed in the air and off a trail by a buffalo when she rounded the corner and startled a buffalo on the trail.  They seem pretty tame until they are mad.  I ride many miles on the Highway from my house toward Yellowstone and I see them watching me waiting for me to get close enough to charge me.  My dog, who rides in a bucket on the back of my bike is no help when she starts barking at them.  I give them plenty of space because they are fast, unpredictable and WILD!.  Give them plenty of space and don't crowd them with your vehicles.  They think they own the road and if you think you can herd them with a vehicle, be prepared for a repair bill.  Take home some great photos, memories and leave the hospital bills to the less intelligent daredevils who make the paper in Cody frequently with their shenanigans.  

On another note, bears have been frequenting the houses on Green Creek near the cabins.  They are at the top of the food chain in Wyoming and they are not afraid to show people who is top dog or bear in this case.  Mama bears are extremely aggressive when they have cubs and are not intimidated by people.  Papa bears are a little more docile but only tolerate people to a small extent.  Give them plenty of room and please don't leave food on the grills or garbage outside.  Once they are fed bears they are bad bears.  You wouldn't want to meet one of these guys face to face on the front porch!!!  If you decide to try your luck with getting close for a photo opportunity, make sure you have a spare set of underwear with you.  You will need it!!!

Moose have been frequenting Buffalo Bill State Park and other areas along the Cody to Yellowstone Corridor.  Take your time early in the morning when heading to Yellowstone and you may see some of the locals hanging around the river.  These big guys are very dangerous at close distances!  Give them plenty of room.

Rocky Mountain Sheep have been plentiful on the Shoshone National Forest and along the highway just a couple of miles from the cabins.  They are amazing at hanging off of rock walls and watching people drive by who don't even know they are there.  Look Up!  God smiles on this part of the country and gives us some of the most beautiful views in the world along with some of the most incredible animals.  Take your time, slow down and take in the treasures of Cody Country.  

There have been over 300 elk hanging in the fields across the highway from Wapiti Mountain Cabins along with hundreds of deer.  The elk cows are preparing for giving birth to their babies and if you take your time, you may see one of the new little ones!

Speaking of Babies, check out all the new horse babies on the ranches between Cody and Wapiti.  They are too cute and out romping around the pastures and kicking up their heels!  There are a lot of photo opportunities and just as much wildlife between Cody and Yellowstone as there is in Yellowstone Park.  

As always, we are here to help if you need assistance or just want to find out what to do while you are here.  Ask us, we like to talk about our unique area!