RACING FANS...GET READY FOR RACING!!!  Opening May 25th for the season.  You might think this is a little weird but this is more fun than the Kentucky Derby...or at least a lot cheaper and doesn't require fancy dresses and hats but you do need reservations!  This is 7 miles out of Red Lodge Montana between Red Lodge and Belfry Montana in Bear Creek Montana.  These little speed racers benefit local scholarship programs and they are hilarious to watch!  You can bet on your favorite color, star or cutest little snout.  Bear Creek serves great steaks and other good food along with pig beers and other spirits.  I love to make this little drive a couple of times a year and try my luck at picking the right square and having a great dinner.  This is a great way to end your day after driving the Beartooth Highway and seeing some of the most awesome natural beauty that God has created.  Now I would be remiss if I didn't remind you that it is a little bit of a drive back to Wapiti Mountain Cabins so don't over-indulge in the spirits and drive.  Montana Deputies patrol this stretch of highway heavily and the Highway 120 back into Cody.  Have a great time, help local kids in their college endeavors and ensure that you have a sober driver to make the ride back to Cody.