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Wapiti Mountain Cabin

Wapiti Mountain Cabin

Wapiti Mountain Cabin 2

Wapiti Mountain Cabin 2

Wapiti Mountain Cabin  

Located halfway between Yellowstone National Park and Cody, Wyoming.  This cabin is nestled in the Absaroka Mountains, has 360 mountain views and sits in the middle of wildlife central!

Welcome to Cody!


360 degree views of mountains provide the backdrop for your vacation in the Rockies!

Located halfway between Cody, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park, you will find all kinds of wildlife close to this cabin to include Moose, elk, mule and whitetail deer, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, wolves, fox, mountain lions, black and grizzly bears, Mountain goats and more!  Located in the Northfork of the Shoshone River and close to trophy trout fishing!

This three bedroom cabin provides three queen pillowtop mattresses, an extra queen airbed with a memory foam topper for extra people, a spacious living room, dining room and kitchen for preparing your favorite meals under the looming Absaroka Mountains.  

The deck has furniture and a table so you can eat your meals outside while enjoying the views.

Linens, towels, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap are all included so you don't have to worry about carrying items that almost always leak in your baggage at high altitude!

The location puts you extremely close to nature so we do require a few food precautions to ensure that grizzly bears keep their distance!


Wapiti Mountain Cabin

You can get to Wapiti Mountain Cabin from Yellowstone National Park east entrance or from Cody.

From Cody - Head west on Yellowstone Avenue and leave Cody on Highway 14/16/20.  From the city limits, drive approximately 20 miles west.  At Milepost 29, you will see The Red Barn grocery store/gas station.  On the east side of the gas station, you will see Green Creek Rd.  Turn south (left) onto Green Creek road and go approximately 1/4 mile and turn west (right) onto Paintbrush Drive.  Take the second driveway on the right and the cabin is on the left.  

From the east gate of Yellowstone National Park  -  drive approximately 29 miles east on Highway 14/16/20.  When you come to The Red Barn gas station/grocery store, turn south (right) onto Green Creek Rd.  Drive approximately 1/4 mile and turn west (right) onto Paintbrush Drive.  Take the second driveway on the right and the cabin is located on the left.  

Welcome to the Northern Rockies!  We hope you will enjoy your stay here and if we can make your stay more comfortable, please feel free to contact us and we will attempt to accommodate your request!


We want all of our guests to be comfortable and enjoy their vacation but we want you to know that you are in one of the most spectacular places on earth.  With that comes responsibility by our visitors.


Check out time is 11:00 a.m.  This gives our housekeeping staff time to thoroughly clean the cabins before the next guests arrive.  Check in time is anytime after 2:00 p.m.   We realize that cell phone service is off and on from Yellowstone Park and the surrounding mountains but if you think you may be way late and need access to the cabin, feel free to call us at 307-899-0155 or 307-587-3938 and let us know. 


While tips are not required, they are certainly appreciated by our staff.  They work very hard to ensure that the cabin is clean and ready for each guest and they are very conscientious about how the cabin looks when you arrive.  If you see a problem, please let us know right away.  Sometimes things go unnoticed such as the Television reception or the Wifi that is not working.  Thunderstorms create outages and sometimes we don't know that something is not working until our guests notify us.  We want you to be as comfortable as possible and not have the aggravation of something not working.  Let us know, we will get it resolved as soon as possible. 


WiFi is free at Wapiti Mountain Cabin, we are unable to provide high speed internet due to the mountainous region.  Please don't stream video or play on-line games across the internet connection.  It will eventually slow and then stop.  Please feel free to surf the internet and check out your next destinations though.  The WIFI is under wapiticabin and the password is posted inside the cabin on the instruction sheet.


We are very fortunate to live here and play here but we have a responsibility to the earth and to the Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Water is very precious to us here in Cody and we must conserve our precious resources.  When you wash clothing or take showers here, please be very conservative with your water usage.  We are in the high desert an


The dishwasher uses dishwasher soap packets.  Please don't put liquid soap or anything else not designed specifically for the dishwasher.  This could be disastrous when the soap foams out of the door!  When checking out, please place all dishes in the dishwasher, The packets are located under the sink and in the Cascade container.  Press the normal wash and then start.  Thank you for assisting us with this task.

Washing Machine

The washing machine only uses HE type detergents.  The detergent is placed directly on the clothing.  Please don't put place detergents in the bleach tray or on top of the agitator (Center part of the tub).  This has to be removed manually by staff and is very time consuming.


Please be aware that our house rests on very delicate septic system.  Please don't flush feminine products down the toilet.  It will surely stop up the toilet and you will be very unhappy as will we when we have to come to the cabin at 2am to unstop the toilet.  Please wrap them in paper and put them in the trash.  Also, be conservative with toilet paper.  It eventually dissolves but it will also cause problems with the septic if it receives too much in a short amount of time.


Please don't put grease down the sinks or flush it in the toilet.  This also causes backups in the septic system and will cause all kinds of problems it you stop up the pipes in the cabins. 

Food Storage and Garbage

Both Black Bears and Grizzly Bears are very active in early spring throughout the fall and for most people, that's why you came here right?  We must be very bear aware and not provide a food source for grizzlies around our house.  Keep trash stored inside the house and let us know if you need it removed right away.  We have locked bear resistant dumpsters to place trash in but we have the key.  Let us know you need your trash removed while you are here and we'll take care of it.


You cannot leave your pets unattended in either house while you are away sightseeing, eating out or enjoying our countryside.  If you bring your pets, they must be under your supervision the entire time you are in our cabin.  Pets that are not potty trained and leave urine or feces in the cabins will be charged $100 extra cleaning fee.  When your pet goes potty on the floor, you encourage the next pet to use the same spot where your pet urinated.  This will destroy the floor eventually.  If you bring your pet, be sure that they stay with you the entire time you are here and be sure to take them out for potty breaks often.  There is plenty of space at Wapiti Mountain Cabin to let your pet use the restroom outside.  Please respect the cabin and our furniture. 


There is a gas grill available at Wapiti Mountain Cabin for your use and convenience.  Please feel free to use it but please don't leave food unattended on the grill.  Please be sure to remove all food and as much particles from the grill as possible when you are finished.  Bears love to sniff around and we don't want to feed them on the patio!  They may become permanent unwanted guests.  Thanks for helping us keep blacks and grizzlies wild!

Washing Vehicles and shoe cleaning

There are red rags in the cabin for your convenience in case you need to wash bugs off your vehicle or wipe mud from your shoes, etc.  Please use those red rags and not our towels for washing muddy or greasy messes.  Thank you for your help in this area.



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