And I have a surgery date

I saw the urologist yesterday again. He made one more stab at Chemo/Radiation. Nope. I made one more stand against it. Not interested in losing my kidneys, thyroid or other parts that are currently working. Would rather die of the cancer than get tortured for 3-4 months first and then get chopped up with 3-4 months of recovery from the surgery. I'm taking my chances with the dog wormer. Woof Woof!!

I have a video appointment with Dr. Who on Dec. 7. The time machine traveler from the 70's? Thinking he can transport me back to pre 2020 by a few years so I can undo some things in my life like getting married (twice). OK, sorry, forgot where I was...

His name is Dr. Hu. Dec 7 - Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Hope he's not Japanese and holding a grudge. Well, they started it...

OK, anyway, he is the surgeon at Loma Linda, CA at USC. He is going to clean out my pipes, take out some parts I don't need anymore (like a complete hysterectomy. Yep, I'm sure I don't need those parts anymore), do a little nipping, tucking and trimming and I'll be good as new. Well, maybe not but it's my story for now.

Surgery on December 30. Hoping for only 7 days in the hospital and then I have to stay in California for 2-3 weeks near the hospital in case of complications. Going to recuperate near Big Bear if possible and get above the LA smog. Camping in the winter...What could be better?

Matt plans to fly out and drive with me to California. That will be good and then he will be there for the surgery. I will be on my best behavior since he will have the authority to have me euthanized. I'm not sure what best behavior is so if you don't hear from me by January 15th, just know my best behavior was not very good. We are taking my apartment on wheels so Matt can relax and have the truck so if he gets too bored, he can hop a flight for Amsterdam from LA and get his wings back. He doesn't do well on land for long.

OK, so you know what I know...for now

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