Beartooth Mountain Scenic Byway Opening Memorial Weekend

The Beartooth Mountains are scheduled to open this weekend. Snow crews have been working overtime to clear out the snow and open up the road for one of the most beautiful drives you will see. Don't miss this spectacular drive and enjoy a great dinner in Red Lodge.

We have a little spring snow and rain going on here in Wapiti and Yellowstone Park. I really tried to bring the Caribbean weather back with me but TSA thinks it a prohibited item and customs would not allow it. It would have overloaded the plane so we are enjoying a little wet snow. Enjoy it now because we will warm up and dry out and the elk that are hanging in the valley will disappear into the high country soon.

For my guests, please be careful and check the road conditions because the East Entrance to Yellowstone Park is subject to close depending on how much snow hits Sylvan Pass. Spring in the Mountains is as unpredictable as our crabby bears.

Wapiti has opened a couple of new eating establishments that you can't miss. Yellowstone Cutthroat Guest Ranch is phenomenal for steaks and seafood. Why drive all the way to town? They are only 3 miles from the cabins and you will not find better steaks anywhere near here. This is where the locals go to eat. 53 Stagecoach Rd across from Wapiti Lodge on the Yellowstone Highway. Tell them Rayna sent you.

Brand new on the Yellowstone Highway is The Lost Buffalo Grill located at 2776 North fork Highway (Yellowstone Highway). Bringing you fresh seafood from the Oregon Coast. Tuna, Shrimp, Salmon, fish and chips. Not a seafood fan? They also have steaks and burgers for the land lovers. Tell them Rayna sent you. You will be glad you came here to eat.

Welcome to Wapiti, Cody and Yellowstone! We are glad you are here. Let us entertain you and feed you. This is one of the last best places on earth...

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