Be sad if you aren't in Cody for the next week and a half. We do it big and this year, we are doing it bigger than ever! Welcome to the 100th celebration of the Cody Stampede where we have it all and more! Cowboys, Indians, Horses, Cars, Wildlife, Parades, Rodeos, Fireworks, food, and everything in between. In Cody, Wyoming, we honor our military and celebrate our freedom bigger than anywhere else in the nation! We do it for 4 days because we like to party! If you are here celebrating with us, you will need a vacation from the vacation because you will be tired from all the activities. Grab some Red Bull and head for the Mountains of Wyoming!

Clint Black is here tomorrow, June 27, 2019 for a free concert at Stampede park. This is a fundraiser for St. Jude's Children's Hospital so bring a fat wallet and listen to some great country music if that's what turn's you on. I'll be on traffic detail, so slow your butts down and don't run us over! If you don't have your wristband, get there early and prepare to stand in a line, but hey, what else do you have to do on a Thursday Night? No alcohol, no rocket launchers and no pets but you can purchase alcohol once inside so bring your liquor fund and save enough for a taxi because the police will be abundant and I heard we got a fresh supply of citations for the drunk and disorderly and the detention staff have been bored so they are ready to serve up a nice warm bed and a cold dinner so pace yourself. We have the petting zoo on the north side of the rodeo grounds. Show those lonely bulls some love.

We are going to let you rest and recover a couple of days after Clint kills some time with you and then on June 30, we are going to show you how the tough kill time, keep orthopedic surgeons in business and sometimes make big money. It's the Xtreme bulls coming to Stampede Park to show you how our boys get an adrenaline rush. Only 8 seconds of 1 ton dynamite under their britches and one lucky guy will get a fat paycheck. The rest will go to the Silver Dollar and drown their sorrows, make appointments with the local dentists and Chiropractors and start thinking about better ways to draw a paycheck. Get your tickets because this is a sellout event.

July 1st, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association comes to town and they know how to put on a show! Maybe you should float the river, take a trail ride from our many ranches, take in the local wild mustang herd just outside of town, head into Yellowstone for a day, drive the Beartooth Highway but be sure to get back in time to watch these cowboys and cowgirls defy gravity and break the sound barrier. Bring a blanket because once the sun goes down, you will get some fresh (and cold) mountain air. Bring several and sell them to the tourists who think they are tough and start your yearly Cody Wyoming vacation fund :)

Parades for days! Starting on July 2, we celebrate our freedom with three days of parades. Yep, we never get bored watching parades and we have so much fun doing it we close off main street because we are so good at rerouting traffic, we have it down to a fine science and love to watch people miss the detours and go round in circles trying to find Yellowstone. We do have a sense of humor. We put signs down the middle of the street the day before telling people to move their cars off the street by 8am and for those that overindulge the night before and oversleep, we play hide and seek with your transportation. For us underpaid city employees, we need some form of entertainment to lighten the mood so early in the morning, so this was the best we could come up.

Independence Day, 4th of July, National Day of American Freedom, whatever you call it, We do it big! For those that haven't died yet, we have the grand finale Cody style. Start the morning with hot coffee and a parade or some hair of the dog but make sure it is disguised in your travel mug...You know, the boys and girls in blue are walking around and open containers are a no-no on the parade route. Bring your favorite lounge chair, some sun screen and ear plugs if your head had too much fun the night before. Get some good food at the city park, take in some free music and relax because now we've got the biggest night of the Stampede and then our fireworks show to finish you off. I told you that you would need a vacation from the vacation. We sell fireworks in Cody but they are only legal on private property. BLM and the Forest are off limits for pretty lights in the sky. This is where our sense of humor ends. If you set something on fire, the big red trucks will come but even they get ugly when you torch our very limited green growing things. We only have a few trees and like them to be green, not red, orange or black.

OK, Safety briefing over. Come celebrate with us and book next year's vacation because we are already starting to fill up.

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