Hunting, Art, Guns and more!

WIN A GUN OR SEVERAL! Wyoming Outdoorsmen will be onsite at the Riley Arena in Cody for their annual fundraiser. I won't make it this year due to prior engagements, but this is a fun filled night of raffles, a live auction and games for the kids. These guys hold our wildlife managers responsible and ensure that Wyoming's wildlife is managed by Wyoming and not Washington bureaucrats who get paid by lobbyists and who have a different agenda and no idea what we need here in Wyoming. They will stand up for Wyoming's right to manage our wildlife and ensure that they continue to thrive and make our state a reason that people want to come here to hunt, fish, play and come back year after year.

You and your family are invited to the Wyoming Outdoorsmen's Annual Fundraiser Banquet! The banquet includes a prime rib dinner and a One Year Membership to Wyoming Outdoorsmen!  All participants must be present to claim door prizes, card raffles, ticket raffles, games and drawings.

Jay Jochim 307-899-6077 Don Frame 307-349-5690



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