My Faith

OK, as you can tell from reading the other posts, my faith was not there for most of my life. Ken was not a Christian, at least not outwardly, and Mark wasn't either. I followed along with them and never tried to strengthen my faith and trust in God until Mark hit me with the divorce.

I needed Christ in my life again and he was begging to get in most of my life. I ignored that. OK, time to get right with God.... In 2016, I was saved! OK, this may seem weird to those who aren't but I actually felt a change! I felt it in my soul. I felt His presence. I prayed hard to die but He wouldn't let me. Dammit! OK, move on. 8 months later, my parents and I started having problems and it got ugly. So bad that I got an apartment in town and left my property that I was paying for in Wapiti. Now I was sinking financially. I am paying all the bills in Wapiti and trying to pay all my bills for my apartment. Without going into the gory details, my parents tried to get me fired from my position as a police officer and tried to have me served with a protection order. That would have been career ending and seriously the end of my ability to pay my bills or survive.

I tried to do the right thing with them and tried to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement. In any case, we could not come to an agreement and they sued me and lost. I won the lawsuit but lost my entire family in a space of 8 months. OK, family gone but friends abound. I have an even bigger family of non-blood related friends who make life better than it ever was. Law enforcement family are the best, vacation rental family are wonderful, Wapiti Valley friends and neighbors are incredible and my friends that I have met through the vacation rentals is phenomenal. I have been so blessed with everyone around me, who needs ungrateful leaches? God knew what he was doing and separated me from those who were out to destroy me. He could be a little more forthcoming with that information but I believed he would bless me. I didn't see it at the time when things are bad, you don't recognize the blessing of the dark. God was clearing my way and I knew that it was going to be OK but I had no idea how incredible life would be soon.

OK, couldn't die in that two years so thought I would try the online dating scene. UGH! what a nightmare. Met a lot freaks, liars, serial killers, cowboys looking for a warm house, warm bed, income, insurance and an understanding woman to pay the bills while they go and play all summer. Hmmm, started out as a bad decision to put myself out there where I could become a bad statistic. I'm not afraid to die but really don't want to be tortured getting there. OK God, this is not working out. Dreaded receiving likes and messages from prospective dates and dinner invites. 5 minutes into dinner, I was looking for an escape route and thinking I should go to the bathroom, jump out the window and run. I was afraid someone would see me going out the window and think I was being kidnapped and call the cops. Really didn't want to have to explain it to my brothers in blue. I would be the talk at Christmas parties about the runaway date. Wouldn't have made a good movie. I'm not as gorgeous as Julia Roberts and none of them were Richard Gere.

God gave me the property I was living on in the divorce and lawsuit, and I ended up with three houses. I was supposed to do something good with this huge blessing. I turned the houses into seasonal vacation rentals. Rent them out in the summer and I felt that during the winter, they should be used for the good of helping others who are in temporary need of housing. Sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is truly in need or if they are just looking for a free ride. I love this! I love having the ability to help out when the houses are empty for the winter. I get people who are there in case something breaks or needs repair and who do maintenance for me and they get out of the rain temporarily. It is the best arrangement possible. My international guests are amazing. I love meeting new people and really loved meeting people from other countries and sharing this incredible slice of heaven with them.

OK, not going into details but I did meet Mr. Amazing online. 1500 miles away! Dammit! OK, well just suffice it to say, he can get here. A little rocky start like everyone but I believe God brought him to me. I prayed and He delivered. OK, my heart is repaired and I am crazy about this man. He talked me into trying scuba diving while I was on a cruise with my daughter Nannette. (I got to keep Mark's twin gorgeous daughters in the divorce, Nannette and Nicole. They helped me get through the divorce and didn't desert me when their father did).

Diving was scary because you have to have faith that everything will work and when you take that first breath underwater, your body is saying NOOOOOOO! Matt thought I would like it but I wasn't so sure. Grand Cayman was my first dive. I could only go down 20 feet deep because I wasn't certified but it was incredible!. The undersea world of Jacques Cousteau did not do it justice! WOW! I am in love! The gorgeous colorful fish, eels and coral was unbelievable! The other stops on the cruise paled in comparison to diving. When we arrived in Cozumel, Mexico, there was a chance to dive again at a major discount because they were trying to fill slots. I got to get a second dive in and I was hooked. I wanted to come home and get certified so I could do this the rest of my life. Thank you Matt!

I need to find a way to dive more. I got my first certification and then found a group of single divers that go all over the world to dive. I booked a trip to Bonaire in the Caribbean to get my Advanced certification. Bonaire was stunning. The coral, fish, people and resort was so far beyond my expectations and it was a trip of a lifetime. New friends, new love for diving. OK God, I don't want to be dead anymore. I have been blessed beyond anything I could have dreamt. I can't wait to make my next dive trip.

Matt and I decide to book a trip to Key Largo Florida to dive on the keys. YAY!!!

November 18, 2019. Matt's 19 year old son is hit head-on by someone who is not supposed to be driving at night and his son is in critical condition coming home from work. Seth's car is unrecognizable and the man who hit him died in the crash. It will be months before Seth is able to walk again. Dive trip cancelled for Matt.

God was watching over Seth that night. Matt thought that Seth's faith was wavering and when Matt cleaned out Seth's car, he found Seth's bible on the floor behind the driver's seat. God had his hand on Seth that night and saved him. He had a long road to recovery but he was alive. Thank you Lord! I had a good dive trip in Florida but I was sad for Matt and Seth.

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