Oncology Consult

November 17, 2020 - Cody Regional Health Cancer Center, Cody, WY.

OK, you already know that I'm not doing Chemo and Radiation. It's POISON, it makes you sick, makes you want to be dead, kills your immunity, can wreak havoc on your bones, your kidneys, colon and everything in between. Causes Neuropathy and pain. I refuse to be a lab rat unless they are paying for the treatment and paying me a generous salary and sending me on diving vacations monthly.

OK, that was not offered so here we are. Dr. Burke starts out with the Chemo talk and I let him speak but reject that option. No monthly paid dive vacations in the Caribbean? OK, then NOPE.

Dr. Burke then tells me about Immunotherapy. He explains it to me and says it is well tolerated except it could disrupt your Thyroid. Ummm, I think I want it even if I don't know what it does. Kinda like my collar bone. I think God put it there to do something and I think it has been working so let's just put this on hold a minute. Immunotherapy involves using Platinum. Platinum? Like the precious metal that is currently being traded on Wall Street for $950.00 per ounce? Can it be recycled so I can capture it when I excrete it and have it melted into a ring? OK that was kinda gross but hey! It's worth $950 and ounce. Let's not flush this!

OK, moving on. There are side effects but it's generally well tolerated. By who? What's generally? Tolerated? So I only vomit 10 times per day versus constantly like my sister? This is sounding like Chemo. OK what else? Well, there are side effects. Of course there are like all worse side effects than what really ails you. So like most here are the COMMOM side effects of Keytruda. Anemia, fatigue (Worse than normal?), Hyperglycemia, Hyponatremia (What's that?), Hypalbuminemia (Huh?, English please), itching, cough, Nausea. Uh, this sounds like Chemo. Isn't this the same response as when you introduce poison into your body?

Oh yeah, there are less common side effects like Rash, decreased appetite (I don't see this one as a negative. I need to lose 10 pounds after everyone fed me after surgery anyway), hypertriglyceridemia (What?), Increased liver enzymes (is that bad?), hypocalcemia (that sounds like calcium related. My bones need all they can get), Constipation (oh no, I don't take any narcotics because of this!), Diarrhea (Yes, please sign me up!), Arthralgia (Hmmm), Pain in extremity (nope, mules and motorcycles cured me of intentional infliction of this on myself), shortness of breath (like when you are running from a bear or worse?), swelling (I already suffer from that but I think mine is food induced), headache (the kind like when you drink too much wine or worse?), Vomiting (Twice? Double vomiting? Wasn't that the side effect that is most common?), chills (you know it's winter here and I'm already cold. I would love to wear MORE clothes), Myalgia, insomnia (Oh great, more time to be awake and fret over this), abdominal pain (the same effect as potatoes and broccoli have on me or worse? Is there abdominal pain worse than that?) back pain (well I already have that because I have not been kind to me over the years and missing two discs that were supposed to get fused before this took priority, so this can't get any worse),Fever (Oh no, Covid? two more weeks of free vacation?), Vitiligo? (Is that Italian? Related to Spaghetti? Yes please!), Dizziness (Oh yeah, that sounds like it is a vehicle operation limiting side effect. They know I'm single right? I can't teach Maci to drive, her legs are too short to reach the brake), Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (Oh Great, this will be labeled a COVID death if I don't survive the side effects). Oh, lets not forget the -possible mouth ulcers, skin blisters and peeling, numbness and tingling in hands and feet and nausea that interferes with the inability to eat and unrelieved with prescribed medication. AND the complete show stopper...No alcohol. OK, THAT IS IT! NO!

I'll take my chances with dog wormer and Turmeric. OK, so let me explain this. There is a therapy out there that involves taking Panacur C and Turmeric. My girlfriend who is fighting colon cancer turned me on to this. You can read about it at This guy had less than 3 months to live and was full of cancer from head to toe that had spread from small cell lung cancer. No hope, doctors sent him home to die. A veterinarian told him about Panacur C (Dog wormer and if you are brave, Horse wormer). He had nothing to lose. The vet told him that doctors know about this but it's cheap and there's no money in it for doctors so they won't even investigate it. It costs $5 a week. Take it three days a week and off 4. Turmeric for swelling and other effects from cancer. He doesn't prescribe it nor claim to be a doctor but he and a bunch of people have taken this and nothing else and they are cancer free. At the last posting on his Blog that I read, he had been cancer free for 40 months. Hmmm, $5 per week vs $5000. Diving or no diving? Alcohol self medication vs narcotics? Thyroid vs no Thyroid? OK, this is easy. Woof Woof. If nothing else, I will not have worms.

I came home and read the literature and efficacy of Keytruda. Less than 15 percent effectiveness on bladder cancer patients and no real results for bladder cancer patients that had muscle invasion (Less than 11%). This is only half as effective as Chemo and Radiation. I don't know about anyone else but when a doctor tells you that they are 90%-95% sure that the cancer hasn't spread outside of the bladder, why would you do this? I will take my chances with the sharks and dog wormer. Woof Woof.

Oh yeah, one more thing...They want to do a PET scan. UH, let me think about this...No. That's just to see if I have cancer anywhere else. I really don't want to know. We are all gonna die. I'm good with that. Why should I care? I have been to hell over the past few years and nothing can be worse than where I have been and cancer doesn't even come close to that pain. I'm not going back and I am solid in my faith thanks to Dan Clark and others who invested in my soul. I don't want to fret about this if I do and then get the sales pitch for Chemo and Radiation again. Woof Woof.

Waiting for a surgery date at USC in San Bernardino, CA. Sunny Southern California in the winter. Dang I'm going to miss this wind and cold... I have an amazing man that I don't deserve but who is going to be there for the surgery and who is hanging in there with me. For that, I am forever thankful and grateful. Thank You Darlin...

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