Pathology Report

On November 9, I see my pathology report on mychart. Stage 2. Yahoo! this is good right? I think so. It's not stage 3 or 4 and it's still in my bladder. Yahoo!

November 11, I see Dr. Faaborg. Yahoo! Get that damn catheter OUT!. Dr. Faaborg came in and said, I have bad news. What? I only have stage 2, how bad can it be? Well, it's in the muscle. That's bad. OK, now what? Dr. Faaborg "You aren't going to like any of these options"

OK, tell me what is next.

First Option - Chemo and Radiation and keep my bladder. Nope! Not happening. Watched it kill my sister. Not an option. Next...

Option 2 - Radical bladder removal. What? OK, Dr. Faaborg can take it out and give me a bag. Hmmm, not a good option for me. I'm thinking marijuana on a beach with a margarita is a better option.

Option 3 - Radical Bladder removal and have a hole in my side that I have to Cath to remove the urine every few hours. OK better. How do you smoke marijuana? Can I have the gummies please? Do I need to buy stock in Cheetos? Oh yeah, he's still talking...

Option 4 - Radical Bladder Removal and we chop up your guts, put them back together in a new bladder and you learn how to pee again. By the way, you have to set your watch so you go pee every few hours. Really? I get to tell my bladder when I want to pee? Instead of it leading me to every bathroom within 20 feet every 15 minutes? YES!!! THE OFF BUTTON!!! Thank you God!

OK, it's not that glamourous but it's better than worrying about the radical surgery. AND it's all contained inside of me with no exterior holes except for the ones that I'm supposed to have. OK! Let's do THAT!

It's aggressive, it's fast and we need to get moving. First we need a CT chest scan to make sure there is nothing else in my chest. Dr. Faaborg is almost totally sure that I don't because I'm not presenting any symptoms. Cool, Lets get this done. Oh yeah, you need to have a consult with Oncology to discuss other treatment options. OK, but I'm not doing Chemo and Radiation. OK, just go talk to them. OK.

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