Spring into Wapiti Valley

We are beginning to thaw in Cody and Wapiti Wyoming. The animals are out and will begin having babies soon. The east entrance to Yellowstone is still closed, but you will still see all the wildlife of Yellowstone National Park in the 30 miles to the park boundary. Come spend the day on the Northfork. We are warming up and there is very little traffic right now. You can take your time and get some unique photographs that are harder to get once the full tourist season starts. Come see us! It's been a long and lonely winter and we are ready to get things rolling for the season. Special Thanks to Matt Meintel for allowing me to use his photographs that he took last month around the Bighorn basin and Cody for our new website.

Young Bighorn Sheep near Wapiti Valley Cabins - Courtesy of Matt Meintel

Holy City - Goose Rock formation. Courtesy of Matt Meintel

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