Yellowstone Roads

Everyone always wants to know when the roads to the park will open. The answer is...Whenever mother nature decides that she's done showing us how global warming is NOT affecting Wyoming. Just kidding. This year, the east entrance is set to open May 3, but Mother Nature does intervene from time to time and dump a little white powder (snow, not illegal substances) on Sylvan pass which will prompt the safety people to shut the gate. It's not good for business when tourists have to be rescued from the depths of the canyon below the road and it causes traffic jams while recovery is in progress (Unlike the bear and buffalo jams inside the park).

Bring your COAT! Summer Starts July 18th and ends July 19th. Unless you are coming for 1 day on July 18th, you will probably need a coat. We make our own weather here and it usually requires a coat, a blanket, mittens, fireball and... Well, you get the idea.

Click on the photo below for current conditions and other Yellowstone National Park information.


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