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Welcome to Cody where we know how to have Fun!

The Cody Country Horse Sale is the summer of fun kickoff event.  Wonder what cowboys do all winter long?  They train some fine horses for ranch work, rodeo and other events.  Many of these horses are sold from the steps of the Irma Hotel in downtown Cody.  Whether you are looking for a horse or just come to watch, this is a fun time.  Grab a cold beer and hang onto your wallet!


Fathers day weekend the Cowboys and Indians show their stuff!  We open up the Center of the West grounds to some colorful dancers of the plains indian tribes.  Dancers, drum groups, and artists from Northern Plains tribes gather to celebrate their vibrant cultural traditions and histories. Men, women, teens and children compete in various age groups for more than $25,000 in prizes.  Authentic Indian jewelry, beadwork, quillwork, clothing, basketry, pottery, paintings, sculpture and more is sold at vendor booths. Enjoy fry bread and Indian tacos as well as other food and beverage concessions.  


We have our own brand of Bishop Mule days right down the road from Cody in Ralston.  Jake Clark and Family put on quite the weekend on Fathers day weekend.  There is an all mule rodeo and some fine mules for sale over the weekend here.  This is a big draw for people looking for a good solid mountain mule.  (For me, I'm done with broncs and broken bones) but there are some really nice mules to be had if you have a big wallet.  There are some bargains to be had too if you are willing to wait.  Food, Rodeo, Tack and fun all weekend long.


We close down Sheridan Avenue for 3 days of Parades, Bull Riding, PRCA Professional Rodeo, Food, Concessions, barbeques, Music and everything Western.  Put on your boots and come kick up your heels with us!

We do it big in Cody and for 5 days, we kick up our heels, we bring in the professionals and we party till the cows go home or pass out.  We end it all with a killer fireworks show.  If you have not been to Cody for this week of festivities, you haven't had Fun!

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We start the week out with Xtreme Bulls.  These boys show us what it means to be tough or a shy of grey matter upstairs.  They strap themselves to 2000 pounds of muscle for 8 seconds (hopefully) and a lot of money or major medical bills or both.  The bulls are professional athletes too.  They are treated better than most kids.  Get your tickets early.  This one night performance sells out fast!


100 years of Rodeo in Cody WY in 2019!!!

We've been busting broncs and riding bulls here for 100 years (OK maybe not me, I'm not that old) but the cowboys and cowgirls have.  This is the largest outdoor rodeo in the nation and the cowboys come from all over to compete for some big money over the 4 days.  Everybody becomes a judge when cowboys ride and get a bad score!  They are used to getting booed by the crowd.  Get your tickets early, all 4 days are sold out and the fun begins when the sun starts to set on the west!